Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shine On.

Monday dawned pretty nippy, but warmed up a bit by afternoon.
You might think that a positive since it was, according to Trainer Joe's schedule, a cycling day. Considering my schedule for the day, however, I would just as well have had it cloudy and cold.
I clocked 145 miles yesterday, and none of them was on my bike.
Humph and bah humbug.
So, I did what any cranky modern mom would do, I complained royally.
I grumbled and grouched and threw a veritable tantrum.
Fortunately, everyone was in bed by then, so it can just be our little secret.
I did get over it eventually, and then I dug out this little gadget:

hitched up my wheeled steed and turned on IFC.
"Shine" was on.
There's nothing like a little Rachmaninoff, a bit of Brit Wit, and Geoffrey Rush jumping trampoline in the altogether to get a gal through an hour on the bike trainer.

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch that comment about a "cranky modern mom" who complains a lot? Oops, there I go complaining again! Go Stink, GO....I love this new blog site, even if you do poke fun at your poor ole' Ma. That Rosie pic is a face that only a mother could love and I do!!! Love, Mom