Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playing Catch-Up (originally written on Sunday, 3-15-09)

According to the training schedule sent out by Trainers Joe and Bob, today is a rest day, or recovery day. This is fitting, I guess, since today is Sunday, and on the seventh day even GOD rested, but I am going to have to be frank here...

I HATE recovery days.

I know the science behind it, so don't go all "breakdown and build up" on me. I am well aware that rest days are the much needed opportunity to heal up from the week's workouts and emerge stronger than before, ready for more and longer.

I know all of this, but the reality is...

on "off" days, I am more likely to choose ice cream as the meal of choice, eat more than I plan to, drink less water than I should, and walk around moping and doing the cranky dance.

I am an absolute joy to be around.

That being said, Saturday's team training went fairly well, considering it was only the second time the ol' wheels and I were on pavement rather than trainer.

It was a wee bit chilly in the AM, and I was a wee bit late arriving at the training, but I do believe things happen for a reason.

Had it not been in the 30's, and had I not been late and thus looking shamefully toward pavement during the team love circle that I interrupted (yet again), I never would have noticed that several of the folks had grown black smurf feet!!!

Trainers Joe and Bob, our gal MaryAnn, and a handful of teammates were all sporting neoprene booties like these...

These clever little booties come in a toe-only variety as well. These "toe-sters" were the sort that Coach Joe lent to me when I expressed decided inferiority over an apparent lack of bootie (play on words so totally intended *snort*).

The review after a 60 minute ride is that these little inventions, while decidedly silly in appearance, do make winter cycling a whole heck of a lot warmer on the tootsies. Of course, by the time mine are shipped and arrive, I am certain that spring will have sprung.

No matter, I may just wear them anyway - I am nothing if not a fashion statement on wheels.

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Tay said...

So I have two recovery days in a row and I'm feeling super lazy! I totally understand the frustration that you are describing. It just makes you feel like a couch potato or slug.

Just keep on going though.