Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today, I watched the motorcade travel down Constitution Avenue in Washington,DC en route to the Presidential Inauguration.

They crossed over several crosswalks that I crossed, drove past several buildings I saw, and lay tread over cold pavement that steamed hot on the September day that hosted thousands of triathletes in our Nation's Capital.

In fact, President-elect Obama entered the Capital building by the very same steps as those in the photo above, he entered by them and left them our 44th President. When a person does that sort of thing, other stuff seems rather small.

Several months ago, I promised a three part series of "The Race"; I made it one part in.

I kept getting these emails, you see - emails asking what I was going to do next and the thing is, I didn't know. I didn't know what to do next, and that didn't seem to be a good enough answer so I just left the question blank.

And well... that didn't seem to be good enough either.

So I've sort of wandered these last months. Wandered and wondered what does come next? (and frankly, I think someone should prepare you for the anti-climax that is the after-race... Form a twelve step group or something.)

Today, our President stood on the same steps where months ago I hoisted my trusty steed and he made a plea for service. An urging for a nation to pick themselves up and dust themselves off - to guide and to rise up and to lead again. And I am so all for that.

So, my friends, I am dusting off, picking up and committing myself to the good fight... again...

I have signed on with Team in Training for a second triathlon, this one in Morgantown, WVA in August.

It's a longer race, this next, the Spirit of Morgantown, a Half-Ironman.

An affirmation fell into my lap this afternoon; I don't remember from whence it came.

This is what it said:

"Let me do today, the things I feared I could not do."

So I did. I signed up... and I signed onto this blog... and I'm sorry I never got around to parts two and three.

Stick around... I just might get to them yet.