Thursday, April 2, 2009

Swim Basics, Part Deux -or- the one in which I exchange my very soul for a pair of goggles.

I've lost my goggles.

I've looked everywhere for them.

I've haunted and scoured through every lost and found I can think of.

Lost and Founds are a veritable treasure trove of athletic paraphernalia.

I was riffling through one such place when I was informed that even if I didn't find my specific goggles, I should grab a pair in the bin because the very next day, the container was being emptied and the contents sent to the Goodwill.

If you have been following See Stink Tri from the start, you may remember this post
discussing the importance of swim eye wear. You might remember it and tsk tsk me for considering filching a pair from the Lost and Found.

I, in response to your chiding would likely have swatted you back like so much Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder.

I would have done this, not because I am morally corrupt and in the habit of pillaging lost and found bins (I'm not.), or because I positively needed a pair of goggles for Tuesday's swim (I did.), but because at that very moment, the heavens parted and shone golden on what can only be described as "The EXACT SAME pair of goggles that I lost, but in a racy shade of pink!!!"

Trainer Bob sent out this workout: 8x50 (50's are 1 lap, or 2 lengths of an Olympic pool) drill down, swim back - then 20x100 on the 2 - which if you are not a swimmer means in 2 minutes, followed by a cool down of "whatever".

I like workouts that use small numbers. 50s are good. 100s are good. I stretched on my cap, stretched out my arms and sucked my new-to-me goggles to my eyes.

Training Lessons for the day:
#1: Several small numbers add up to big numbers - 20 100s totals 2000 meters For-the-LOVE-of-AquaMAN! I managed them on the 2 minute for roughly 500 meters before it stretched into 2 1/4 then 2 1/2 minutes and finally, a shameful 3 minutes/100 meters for the last 500.

My "whatever" cool down consisted of blowing water out of both nostrils, and inventing new bad words to call Bob when next I see him.

#2: My new-to-me goggles are not exactly like my lost pair. In fact, they are harlot's goggles! The devil's contraption even! Miniature plungers designed to suction my eyeballs clean out of their sockets! And if that wasn't enough to reinforce the earlier lesson on the importance of well fitting goggles, I sported bright red goggle rings about my eyes for the rest of the blasted day as a painful reminder.